Life Is What You Make It

We don't get to decide how life shows up. But we do get to decide how we show up. Every moment—make it count.

Don't Let Today Be Loaded With Yesterday's Regrets

Often, we held on too long to beliefs, mindsets, situations, and people we should have let go of. We assume just because it was so yesterday, it will be that way tomorrow. That’s not true unless you decide it is.



A prose poem — Sometimes, you’re forced to decide on a multitude of wrong choices and to ponder between what’s bad and what’s worse.

Even If They Leave Remember You Are Enough

We must accept that not everyone will have our backs when needed. It’s tough knowing those who say they love us would one day leave us questioning their loyalty and words.

Dare To Lose Hope And Set Your sights On Freedom

We are flawed humans living in a flawed world. We chase after certainty, hoping to end all doubts, confusion, and anxiety. We search for answers through misinterpreted perceptions. We pretend not to notice the discord before us. This version of hope takes a toll on our well-being.

Stop Looking For The Finish Line It Doesn't Exist

We would do well finding happiness right where we are than obsessing over where we’re going. Stop comparing with the best parts of someone else’s life.

Traveling Light


A prose poem — We are travelers along this winding path of life. How we pack for our journeys determines the outcome.

Stop Getting Angry And Take Back Control

We’re shaping the world through our conscious and unconscious thoughts. Whatever we’re experiencing is merely a confirmation of our thoughts.

Quit Living In Fear And Trust The Unfolding Journey

Every hurdle you overcome will strengthen and prepare you to handle the next, so take heart. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Indulging In The Joy Of Doing Nothing

When the noise disappears, life’s simplicity surfaces. That helps us regain focus and recharge our creative battery with new perspectives.

Notice The Simple Things That Give You Joy

Enjoying life and appreciating the ordinary everyday moments means noticing the simple things that give joy and contribute to a meaningful life.

Stop Waiting For The Magic Button & Take Action

I hate to admit it but there is no magic button. Whenever I come up against a brick wall, it’s up to me to take action instead of playing the victim.

My Heart Pours Under The April Shower


A prose poem — Raindrops aren’t afraid of falling, so why should I?

If Life Feels Off, It's Time To Hit Reset and Recalibrate

Wouldn’t life be better if we are lighter and freer, that we no longer have to sleepwalk through life and can finally wake up excited?

Your Best Attempt At Being Human

How is it that life can be so unpredictable? One day everything looks good and you’re soaring. Suddenly, without a warning, you’re flat on the ground.

Is There Even Such A Thing As Too Much I Love You's?

I can say I love you very often, and what’s wrong with that if I truly mean it? But if it’s saying purely just out of habit, then what is the point.

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