Life Is What You Make It

We don't get to decide how life shows up. But we do get to decide how we show up. Every moment. Make it count.

Every Experience Is Important And Meaningful While It's Taking Place

Despite the impermanence of life, every experience becomes most important as it is a part of the oneness of all there is.

Embrace Your Power And Stop Letting Self-Doubt Hold You Captive

Sometimes we forget our role is not the actor but the director of our own movie. We are the creator of our reality and it’s time bring change in your life.

Stop Telling Me Everything Happens For A Reason

Even though it’s true, we do not need to discern the collective consciousness’ logic behind suffering to gain from the pain.

What Happened When I Gave Up Worrying

If I can create fear from my perception, I have the power to shift that fear to love anytime. It’s all within our power of choice.

The Runaway


A prose poem — Running away is easy but not knowing where you’re heading is hard.

Let The Rain Fall And Wake Me From My Dreams


A prose — A memory becomes a moment that lives forever.

What Happens When I Approach Writing As Therapy

Why I write: What if writing is not only reserved for the experts, but it’s a form of therapy to express repressed emotions and to find healing for wounds?

When The End Arrives Let There Be No Excuses And No Regrets

If tomorrow doesn’t arrive, and the time is up, either for us or for those we love, could we truly say that we have lived fully without a hinge of regret?

It's Time To Realize Caring Too Much Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

We set ourselves up for failure and disappointed when we expect others to behave a certain way and to say the right things, when caring veers into control.

When I Initiated A Breakup With A Narcissist

Surviving the end of a love gone wrong led me to form a deeper connection with my Higher Self

Just Learn To Let Go And Watch Life Unfolds Naturally Before You

The key to your happiness and peace of mind largely depends on how you react to things you cannot control. Being in resistance is one of the most uncomfortable places to be, no doubt.

Stop Expecting Things To Happen And Start Taking Ownership Of Your Life Now

Yes you can definitely have more, be more and do more when you stop expecting and start taking ownership.

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