Life Is What You Make It

We don't get to decide how life shows up. But we do get to decide how we show up. Every moment—make it count.

Your Unfulfilled Dreams Are Not Holding You Back

When we desire something, it isn’t the object or the event that we are after. What we are seeking is the feeling that comes with the attainment.

Having The Courage To Live Your Own Truth

Why do we assume we need permission to do what we already know we want to do? Often, we are more or less already convinced of the direction we are heading.

Quit Trying To Get Your Life Back Into Balance

Whichever areas you choose to prioritize, you are sacrificing others. Where you invest most of your time will provide you with the best returns.

Stop Arguing & Get Your Points Across Peacefully

When the tension rises, people get personal. Conflict can take on a life of its own. At some point, we must be willing to give so we can get.

Get Ready For Another Round Of Adventure Next Year

Regardless of how difficult it is, I always made it to the end. The end of the year always arrives, and the end of next year and the year after that.

Enjoy The Process While Focusing On The Outcome

Success is not a beautifully wrapped package. It’s the little steps stacked against each other, creating the perfect pathway that leads to our destination.

The Ending Of A Season


A prose poem: There is truly no such thing as endings because every ending is really a new beginning.

Let's Take Nothing For Granted


A prose poem reminder for us to not take life for granted, learning to value things and people before they are gone.

Avoid Getting Trapped In Your Mind


A prose poem about naviging through life while deciding if you’re being trapped or being challenged.

Reflecting On A Year That Is Almost Over

We hasten to the next thing, hardly pausing long enough to gather an understanding or find the closure we need so we can move forward with appreciation.

Preserve The Moments You Have Before They Are Gone

Have you ever wanted to remain in the here and now, neither wishing to go back nor forward because you finally discover the pieces that fit?

The Game Of Life Continues In The Next Round

How we show up in the next phase depends upon the interpretation of endings in our lives. At the threshold, It isn’t a new page, it’s the next page.

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