Life Is What You Make It

We don't get to decide how life shows up. But we do get to decide how we show up. Every moment. Make it count.

You Still Believe The World Is A Beautiful Place Even Though You Don't See It Right Now

Happiness is only fleeting when it is embraced as a feeling. You can choose to believe the world is a beautiful place despite continuous downtime.

If Love Is For Sale, How Much Would Yours Cost?

Is love a commodity for sale or in exchange of something? How much would yours cost? True love should be liberating and freeing instead of confining.

Just Learn To Let Go And Watch Life Unfolds Naturally Before You

The key to your happiness and peace of mind largely depends on how you react to things you cannot control. Being in resistance is one of the most uncomfortable places to be, no doubt.

Break The Cycle And Rise Above Your Emotions Because You're Better Than That

While attempting to protect you, your ego is blocking off reality by telling only half the story. It takes strength and courage to pause and remind yourself that other people’s actions are not about you.

You're The Only Person Who Can Decide What You Want For Yourself

Whether it’s about improving relationships, health issues, starting a new business or hobby. No matter which stage you are in your life right now, there is always a possibility for you to become better tomorrow

No One Has The Ability To Take Your Power Unless You Freely Give It Away

Let go of that thought that is harming you and ruining your day. This is the primary reason that causes a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Quit Fretting Over Your Life Purpose, You're Missing Out Living In The Moment

Have you ever wonder what you’re going to do for the rest of your life? Quit fretting over your life purpose. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

3 Simple Steps To Finally Make Money Doing What You Love

Find out how you can finally make money doing what you love with these 3 simple steps. There’s a fine line between hobby and a profitable passion.

Leave The Broken Pieces Where They Lay And Find Yourself Again

Clinging on to a past mistake is not the same as learning from it. It’s time to leave the broken pieces behind and find yourself again.

How To Bounce Back Harder Every Time You're Pushed Down

How fast and how hard you can bounce back after life pushed you down will determine whether you have the mindset of a victor or a victim.

Your Voice Of Silence Is Worthy To Be Heard

Is your silence worthy to be heard? Is it easy to speak a thousand words silently in your mind when you could have expressed it aloud?

The Greatest Adventure Of Your Life Awaits In The Midst Of The Unknown

I’m not too sure that the things I once dreamed of in the past are going to sound as exciting in my future. My greatest adventure awaits in the unknown.

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