Life is a matter of choices.
And every choice you makes make you.

- John C. Maxwell -


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Evolve Yourself

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You’re told choices and decisions determine your destiny. You can do anything you want, be with whoever you wish. That’s your choice. Often, you made them in a heartbeat but the payment may last a lifetime.

The hardest of all choices are never between right and wrong, for life is seldom straightforward, or there would be no need for choices. Sometimes, you’re forced to decide on a multitude of wrong choices and to ponder between what’s bad and what’s worse.

Ignoring decisions because you can’t see your way through it means you inadvertently give up your power, which ironically, becomes your choice.

Although you still get to pick, having bad and worse choices is no choice at all. They’re not applicable. The good choices you thought you had are bad ones disguised in fear, causing you to become disoriented.

Whichever you choose, you’re still wrong. You can’t win ’em all.