Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

- Rogger Miller -


Photo by Thiago Silva from Pexels


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My Heart Pours Under The April Shower


The chill breeze gently whispers your name. I toss the umbrella on the brightly gleamed pavement. Eyes closed, I raise my hands and tilt my face towards the sky. An avalanche of shimmering diamonds collapses on my skin.

Raindrops trickle down, washing away disconsolate tears that flow unbidden from my eyes as they travel to the ground. I clutch tightly to the brittle fragments of my world as my heart drenched in countless emotions.

Each cold droplet that falls from a sky of white velvet kisses my skin where your lips used to linger.

I watch the leaves droop under the weight of the droplets and feel the same weight pulling me down. As clouds fall apart and pour their shattered pieces on the ground, my heart pours unceasingly under the April shower.

Raindrops aren’t afraid of falling, so why should I?

I miss you when it rains.