One key to moving forward is knowing
what to leave behind.

- Seth Godin -


Photo by Chavdar Dimitrov from Pexels

Evolve Yourself

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Traveling Light


We are travelers along this winding path of life. How we pack for our journeys determines the outcome.

Some of us travel light. We value our experiences and freedom, carrying only what we need and nothing more. With the wind behind us, we slow down just long enough to savor the moment and quickly move along.

Some of us are secret hoarders lugging our entire lives in our bags—one half-filled with what was, the other with what is, and what should be. The journey becomes impossibly slow. There are days we can’t bear to move on. At some point, we are forced to unpack and deal with the mess that’s hindering us.

A responsible traveler is one who is willing to sit with all her belongings on the floor and decide what goes in her bag. Because to move forward, we must leave some things behind.