When you start loving, your character becomes like the positive side of a magnet and the one you love becomes negative, that pulls people close to you in union, and becomes very difficult to separate.

- Michael Bassey Johnson -


Photo by Achraf Alan from Pexels


Evolve Yourself

This post originally appeared here on Write Under The Moon, a Medium publication.



It’s that moment, the ephemeral span, just before your lips meet mine. Our bodies draw closer. Every gap between us disappears. My heart pounding in rhythmic percussions.

Your fingertips trace the hollow of my back, drawing a treasure map of winding, circular paths, creating an artistic masterpiece in tenderness.

I can feel the closeness of your lips, so close I can almost taste you. The pause, the brief hiatus, the moment when time ceases to exist. Your energy entices me to reach forward to you in anticipation. Your hand gently sweeps my hair to the back while your eyes hold my gaze.

My breath deepens, my heart hangs in mid-air like a trapeze performer hanging on a swing defying gravity. In an instant, you tilt your head and plant your lips at the side of my neck, finding its way around as if exploring a distant land, inspecting every inch. I feel my skin melting underneath your warm breath.

I wonder if you notice I’m trembling, your touch electrifying every nerve in my body. I’m shaking like a helpless child underneath. Like getting lost in a field of lavender, the smell of your skin is intoxicating.

I’m completely losing and finding myself at the same time. Perhaps this is magnetism because I’m finding it hard to drawback.

You pull me closer until our bodies fuse into one. Your hand reaches for my cheekbones and slowly travels down to my lips. The cool room already starts to feel warm.

Goosebumps adorn my skin like confetti glitter. I have no desire to fight the surges. I lose all urge to control. It’s hard to hold back now. I feel like I’m falling backward off a plane in total surrender.

As the soft amber glow fades into blackness and the stars come out to play, we lose ourselves in this rhythmic dance of ecstasy, lost in the moment of time.