Ours is not a typical romance, but make no mistake, a romance it is.

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Love Without Condition Is The Only Kind I Know


In her warm milky glow reflecting pure rays from the sun, the Moon is watching over every heartbeat of mine. It’s like a portrait in the velvet dark, created in love.

If only I know, yet they didn’t tell. Not a whisper, a sigh or a moan. For the end comes without a warning, too soon, leaving me alone on this moonlit path toward the heavens.

Energy shifts and waves integrating with higher density frequencies — swirling, stirring. Wintry wind greets the land bringing a chill, rousing the trees, echoing sounds of my soul serenade, a gentle ringing in the ears. I’m not alone strolling under the Milky Way.

I hear your voice in the silence. On nights I lie awake wishing you’re here with me, caressing me and wiping away inexpressible pathos. It’s clear we belong together, no matter where or when in the vast cosmos. Underneath the glistening diamonds in the sky, now I see you.

I look down on my wrist where your Claddagh ring has become my bracelet — a memory ring of your friendship, loyalty, and love.

Your words echo in the night, “I hope this would bring you luck if ever I wasn’t here, to look after you.”

Flood gates open up and a thundershower overflows from my soul. Oh, let it pour like summer rain, awakening my senses. Let the warmth of your embrace surround me under the comforting chorus of stars, for my heart truly knows.

I’m not afraid to love deeply. For my soul understands the condition of love without conditions — the only kind I discern.

“It’s still me. Nothing has changed. I’m still the one you love and that loves you.”

Tears flow like rivers. Like salve to my mind, expressing that which is too deep for words to utter. Washing my eyes, rejuvenating love and joy, elevating my senses to a new level of heighten peace and love. In the darkness of this open space, your eyes shine as bright as the constellations above.

Tonight I am walking home alone, yet never alone in my lover’s company.

Ours is not a typical romance, but make no mistake, a romance it is.