Are You Thinking Your Own Thoughts?

Do your thoughts belong to you or were they planted there by another? Is your mind being controlled by someone else?

This might sound strange, but really, how would you know? In an era where overthinking is a universal phenomenon, it might be surprising to learn that unless you are very discerning and have awareness of your own individuality, you are likely not conscious that your thoughts are not your own.

Most of our decisions every day come without much deliberation. We arrived at conclusions through assumptions based on past experiences. Ideas and solutions based on set variables are accepted without much forethought. We are usually unaware of the biases that can affect our judgments.

In an attempt to avoid analyzing a situation, most people would rather skip the trouble by just going with what "they" say. We adopt other people’s opinions that confirm our previously held beliefs. This thwarts independent thinking. The desire for conformity causes us to roll along with the crowd for the sake of keeping peace or perhaps it’s just more convenient. If it’s a majority voice, we presume that it must be safe. Really? Even if everyone is doing it does not make it right.


Many people do not think because true constructive thinking requires that whatever opinion you hold on to must be well-thought-out and done through careful and thoughtful analysis. It demands focus. It requires deliberation. You need to know when to go with logic and when to turn over and trust your gut instinct. It means having to fight through the confusion in your head.

You might be one of those who typically don't like being in your own head because you do not enjoy confronting difficult, unresolved problems and challenges. But if you fail to think for yourself, who is going to think for you?


As electromagnetic beings, on the most subtle and deep level to the most obvious and superficial level, we are intrinsically connected. All of us are in telepathic communication with each other. Every single thought and feelings transmitted out into space combines with the energy of similar thought frequencies and form an energy structure. These invisible energy structures influence and shape our lives. If you do not think for yourself constructively and peacefully, this mass mind will think for you.

Each of us is what we are because of the dominating thoughts we permit to occupy our minds.

– Napoleon Hill

Many of our beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes come from the unifying force of the mass mind. We see its influence in expressions of aversion, animosity and prejudices toward others. Bad news dominates the headlines with misfortune, tragedy, sickness, disease and accidents of all kinds. The negative energy drains inspiration, hope, enthusiasm, and peace right out of your space. It leaves you feeling contracted and distracted, resulting in mental, emotional and physical distress.

These toxic influences from the mass mind are often ignored. Emotions such as anger, fear, and gloom subtly infect our mood and outlook. It can aggravate an already bad situation when you feel uncertain and annoyed. Its negative impact may not be felt directly but millions are affected daily.


People who do not choose to think deliberately open themselves to all sorts of information flow and allow anything to permeate the space of your mind. External factors govern their actions and reactions towards life.

A lack of boundaries opens the door for violations and life can quickly become saturated in negativity. These negative vibrations cling to you and in the long run, will precipitate as undesirable outcomes.

There is always a mind or a mood behind everything. You would have noticed someone behaving irresponsibly or driving recklessly in traffic. These are signs of emotional reactions. Emotional distress disrupts focus and affects their ability to think. They relinquish their power to be controlled by an external mood. Tragedies and disasters happen as a result not because people are being punished but due to the manipulation of the mind.

It takes self-awareness to erect healthy boundaries and honing in on your mental wellbeing. Cognition plays an important role to help us distinguish ourselves from the negativity, rage and confusion in the collective mind.


Nature points us to our interconnectedness with each other and everything in existence. We are intrinsically and intimately connected to share the same sublime divine light. True thinking is guided through love, peace and harmony that emanates from within. It does not come from nor will it lead to chaos and unrest.

Feelings of economic pessimism, of falling behind, of not being able to pay the bills or send the kids to college, even the thought of just enjoying an occasional night out for dinner can become a strain to some. That is the feeling of losing control over your welfare, your safety and your future. Those are the effects of the mass mind. Do you want that kind of mind thinking through you?

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.

– Buddha

Our mental frame greatly affects our behavior and our performance. The majority of people today do not think constructively. To think is to choose and to differentiate between the false and the real. We possess the power to choose and to reject anything that does not align with our true self. Do you expect to have continuous guidance, healing and wellbeing in your future, or do you constantly anticipate fear of possible misfortune?


Everywhere you go, there are moods and thought suggestions broadcast from those around you. They are coming from your office, from the media, even your neighbors’ thoughts are downloaded into the subtle receptivity of your mind. These impressions go down into your energy field. The more you listen, the more you are affected. Even if you are unconsciously taking in information at the bus station or in the grocery store, you are listening. Your thoughts are being affected.

Although not completely, many cases of accidents and disasters are the manifested results of emotional and mental disorders. People attribute ailments to many types of external factors. They blame it on the atmosphere, the weather, bad diets, viruses, germs, strange notions and false doctrines. When afflicted, they claim they are punished by God, attack by devil or curse by bad people. They fail to look within for the real cause.


Nothing happens to the body except to the equivalent of the mind. Negative emotions require a negative outlet. When you harbor hatred and resentment within, the subconscious will accept that as a request and find a way to fulfill it. You are what you think about all day long.

What you suggest to others, you are also suggesting to yourself because you are the only thinker in your world. You respond incisively to how you think. What you wish for others you also wish for yourself. You are creating your world through the thoughts you think for others. What you radiate out from within will manifest itself externally in your body, your finances and in your environment. You are always under the law of your own thought. That’s why it’s important to note that you dwell on another’s ill-will at your peril.


Millions of agitated, worried and distressed people continue to pour their anger, fear and sadness into the mass mind every day. The climate of distrust, agitation, and pessimism can stimulate in us any natural tendency to be emotionally upset, irritated, burdened and annoyed over issues in our personal world.

These negative vibrations are invading our capacity for self-control, right thinking, and calmness. It robs us of our peace, confidence, and joy for living. We need to decide what we will stand for or reject. Only then can we distinguish ourselves from the junk and nonsense in the mass mind.

It is almost impossible not to be exposed to the mass mind but we can do our part to transcend the negative vibrations by rising above it. Mindfulness will allow you to see the divine beauty of reality unfolding upon itself and flowing through you. You have the power to resist the junk coming through from the mass mind as you stay centered in your powers of intelligence, self-control, courage, goodwill, and optimism. By choosing what you will stand for or not, you can crowd out any elements that do not promote love, peace wholeness in your world.

The greatest power you have is the power of your thoughts. How you will feel and act depends on what you think. It’s in your head!

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