Oneness In The Midst Of Diversity

Close your eyes and imagine, if you will. What would it look like to have the entire existence unified into a peaceful globe of connectivity? What would it feel to be living in an interconnected environment, a living, reacting and creative life force in which you are in a co-productive relationship?

Diversity exists at every level of life. It is as a single organism made up of various cells, parts and organs. All of it works together as one synchronized whole. It takes no great effort to be able to see beauty in diversity. In view of this, how do we make sense of oneness and unity for all?

In the biblical literature, there was a story about the Tower of Babel, a tall construction made in Babylonia. The people had 1 language. Which meant that they had 1 mind, 1 understanding and 1 primary need. They perceived 1 understanding of the same thing and had 1 voice. That is a picture of unity. Unity brought about progress. Because of unity, they were able to journey together. Which lead them to believe they can achieve anything they set their minds together to accomplish.

Unity depicts oneness, cohesion, togetherness. Oneness need multiplicity and diversity. Without diversity, oneness is meaningless.

The Illusion of Separation

Our life today as we view it is based on a competition of constant struggle and fight for survival. We believed in an illusion of separation. We don't see that we are part of an interdependent universe. What you see around you is a synchronized universal reflection of self. Each of us is a walking, talking, reflective mirroring image of each other. Why does disagreement, conflict and war exist? It is because we have mistakenly believed in separation. It is the wrong assumption that in order to be significant, we have to fight for our rights.

Our senses interpret everything in our environment and translate it through a specific vibration field. Quantum physics defines this field as an invisible moving force that influences the physical realm. We recognize this as reality. This means that you and I and everything else around us are entangled. When you have a thought either positive or negative, it creates a ripple effect of energy. This energy impacts how you and possibly everyone else around you see the world.

As a species, we have ignorantly accepted that we can think whatever we want, independent of those around us. We claimed our thoughts and our internal experience as exclusively ours. We are each in our own separate booths witnessing an entirely different processions. Yet we conclude that we are watching the very same event we call life. As a result, there’s too much needless suffering within families, communities and societies. We do not understand that each of us as individual, is really part of the universal unified field known as the collective consciousness.

People normally cut out reality into compartments, unable to see the interdependence of all phenomena. To see one in all and all in one is to break through the greater barrier which narrows one's perception of reality.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

We Are All One

In the name of diversity, we see ourselves separated into groups. Different cultures, races, religions, tribes. While it is important and necessary to respect individuality, we cannot deny that it has inevitably lead to untold discrimination, misunderstandings and conflicts at every level.

The long-standing belief that we are all one has been held throughout the ages by many spiritual traditions. Every thought, feelings and belief exist within fractals of energy in a collective, universal consciousness. Quantum entanglement reveals that entangled energy releases friction and causes communication.

Similar emotions expressed are felt as waves within the collective consciousness that other minds can detect and tune into. The fluctuation of energy has the ability to affect either positively or negatively. No one individual is an island. There is not one person in this world that is unaffected by all or does not affect all. We all play a part in mutually creating our individual and collective realities.

Spiritual Amnesia

Sadly, majority of people continue to act as the same self-centered beings that they are, totally unaware of this interconnected and interdependent system. They are incessantly contributing towards pressure, conflict, stress and anxiety. As a result, depression, abuse, suicide, crimes continue to be on the rise. Many remain as victims because the choice for free will kept them from discovering their identity. This spiritual amnesia keep people from seeing the light. Some eventually did find the light. Those who did not will continue to live in fear and separation until the end.

When you attune into the concept of oneness, you accept that everything is fundamentally a fraction of the bigger whole. It expands your view to a more inclusive identity that reflects your sense of connection with others. This includes animate and inanimate, seen and unseen in all dimensions of the universe. We are all interconnected to a universal energy field. We affect each other with our personal vibration, healing or harming at some level.

As long as we separate this oneness into two, we won't achieve realization.

– Bruce Lee

Our Life Is A Mirror

By embracing oneness, you are free to identify with all humanity and to show compassion. To disconnect from the popular perception that others outside our ideology are evil. That they are somehow less than human, justified of destruction or suffering. Any endeavor for peace outside this principle is counterproductive. The numerous rallies and projects that attempt to advance the greater good of this planet will fall on stony ground.

Everyone holds a glimpse of his Higher Self in mind. Your life is a mirror reflecting your inner world. When you see a better version of another, you discover that in yourself. There exists a part in you that relates to everything. There are pieces of the whole inside you. Life grows and evolves from within. When people and groups evolved collectively, life improves. It gets better because physical reality is a manifestation of the subtle reality. Our survival depends on our interconnectedness. We need to let go of our separation mindset.

When we embrace the concept of oneness, we access that which is transcendent beyond ourselves. We must be willing to surrender to the whole by opening ourselves up to experience humility, love and trust.

Become The Whole

Our work then is to connect to and rest in consciousness. Find time to slow down and become more aware and attuned to your surroundings. It is a state of being. The Whole never loses contact with its parts. Therefore, pure consciousness is oneness. Learn to tune in within and become the one who witnesses the experience. Take each passing state as they are. Don’t judge. Don’t become attach and contracted. See it as part of the experience and not the reality. Then you discover that all manner of strife will cease. Now you can decide on another possibility. You do that by playing your part in the creation process.

The shift into collective consciousness is the awareness that we are a part of the collective whole. We take responsibility for our shared destiny and appreciate our commonality as a species. We embrace oneness with everything there is. When we do that, we become the whole.

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