Awakening Consciousness

Consciousness is a mystery. It is hard to figure where it begins and where it ends and yet the concept of it has persisted for thousands of years. Consciousness is an experience in itself. It is an inherently individualized inward, self-discovery journey. An experience where you gain awareness through stages of transformations to the acknowledgment and discovery of your Higher Self. It is a journey of awakening up out of familiarity into something that is transcendent and beyond time. You discover a sense of recalling who you really are as if the truth has been veiled and forgotten all this while. This process of awakening is unlike anything that you have ever experienced.

An awakening to consciousness is often viewed as coming into the awareness of your own internal state as well as the world that goes on around you. This awareness is subjective and unique to you. It involves your mind and soul and the inner knowing that you are not just You.

Unlike matter, consciousness isn’t something we can explain or describe except that these are mental occurrences that you directly encounter. These so-called events constantly shifts and changes. It makes sense then as you evolve and wake up, you become more and more mindful of what’s taking place beneath the surface and causes you to rise up to own your power by taking back responsibility for your life. When we react negatively or when we blame the world for what happens to us, there is energy leakage which means we are unconsciously giving our personal power away.

Staying Present In The Moment

By habitually living our life unaware of the present moment, we become a victim to the environment by not participating in the co-creation process. Every event that we are currently facing right now have been allowed in. We have attracted it into our experience. Nothing is happening outside of us. We are unconsciously giving our power away when we believe the false assumption that someone has taken something from us or has something that we need.

Being conscious is to be absolutely present in whatever you do. Consciousness is awareness. When you are in this state your actions are guided and empowered by your awareness of the Whole rather than the illusion of that which is manifesting itself before you. It is the ability to grasp the present moment independent of the distraction of past worry or future anxiety.

Staying in the present moment is to detach oneself from the separation mindset resulted from identifying with the ego mind. The ego mind feeds on negativity to the point where it acquires a very powerful standing in your being. It will tell you that the other person is to be blamed for the misery that you are suffering and that life is deemed unfair.

You Are In Control

When the ego is in control, these negative states of mind appear to us to be justified. If we fall prey to these voices in our head, we become attached to it. We react in anger, fear, envy and frustration as a means to reclaim power. In order to achieve the feeling of being in control again, we will attempt to force, manipulate and analyze everything that stands in our way.

Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.

– Caroline Myss

Evolving into higher consciousness allows you to understand that you own your power. You are indeed in control but not through resistance to circumstances. Taking responsibility means taking ownership for the consequences of your choices and behaviors, both positive and negative outcomes. Everything is viewed through the lens of universal oneness. You see that the disharmony around you is actually a reflection of the disharmony that is within you. Once you recognize that, it can no longer take over your mind, feed on your negative thoughts, and control your internal dialogue. You will be awakened to your real self, the conscious presence that are observing everything else.

The awakened consciousness only lives in the present. It does not associate with the future or the past. It is free from yesterday’s drama and unrestricted by tomorrow’s uncertainty. It is likened to being awakened from a dream. We open ourselves to a new realm of seeing that is not possible when we are in the dream state. Now there is a clear sense of being present.

A New Perspective

This is where a shift begins to take place. It opens up possibilities and enables reality to be perceived in new ways. You see that you are more than this individual mind. You are an infinite being. Transformation of identity from personal to universal will bring about the understanding of the inter-connectedness of all things. Your consciousness expands and you see the world on a deeper level. It make sense now that we are all equal and one of the same. From that perspective, you align yourself with that universal purpose of oneness and thus become part of the whole.

This awakening opens up a perception of the true nature of things. Your perspective now comes from the viewpoint of oneness. You will see that you don’t need to change the world. You realized that by changing yourself you automatically changes the world.

There is a greater sense of love and gratitude for and of all things. It will come to your attention that thoughts and emotions do have the power to shape your reality. This causes you to be more cautious of the energy you emit out into the universe.

When you awaken to the truth within, you realize that there is just one moment. That moment is timeless because there is no other frame of reference for that moment.

– Rajiv Agarwal

The Thought Realm

An awakened individual does not perceive the world in the same way as other people do. Your awareness of your surroundings and the sensations you feel becomes so real that it calls for complete attention in the moment. The past and the future become less important while the present becomes correspondingly more important.

The past and the future are really concepts created by the human mind. They exist only in the thought realm, whereas the present does not exist in the thought realm. There is an end to being asleep, but there is no end to waking up. We simply let go. We surrender to the discomfort of the unknown, which is beyond thought, beyond experience, beyond emotion and beyond sensation. And then all that fades away too.

A New Identity

With heightened awareness, we are cognizant that there is a spiritual force or power that pervades all things, and constitutes the essence of all things. You feel one with the Universe. And since you are part of everything, you are connected to everything through that one universal consciousness.

One common sign of spiritual awakening is the transformation that takes place in your inner life. There’s a distinctive difference in how you feel inside, in your psychological experience. The difference is so profound that it almost seems as if you have a new identity. Things will start to unfold. Your destiny becomes clearer.

As you pursue your path of spiritual awakening, you will understand that the entire process has simply been for you to experience a more meaningful and purposeful life. You are infinitely and completely guided by Source energy as you play your part in the co-creation process. Explore your being-ness. Let go of all your experiences, the understandings and the knowledge you have acquired. Align yourself with Oneness, right here, right now, with the complete sense of knowing that everything is perfect and that everything is ok. There is no end to this process. It is always now, always new, ever-fresh. It is alive in this moment.

Welcome to the greatest expression of You.

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