Conscious Living

Conscious living is about being conscious of what you consume with your senses and of the effect it has on you.  By simply becoming aware of the interconnected nature of all things, you will begin to see the effect other things have on you and the effect you have on other things.  You are never alone in your journey.  The force that guides the star guides you too.

Self Empowerment

Discover the strengths and weaknesses within yourself and celebrate them. The more self aware you become, the less you’ll have to lean on others for support. You can become a source of support and inspiration for others rather than the other way around.  The best way to forge ahead is to put on some blinders between the past and the future and move forward in the now.

Mental and Emotional Mastery

Your mind is a powerful tool and yet it can be most destructive. It could be your greatest friend or your worst enemy. Take charge and train it well, and it will help you win the battle between what you know and what you feel. Train it to be stronger than your emotions or else you’ll lose yourself everytime.

It may seem like nothing is changing day to day.
Everything is changing gradually!

Create Yourself

“There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind.”

Life is imperfect. The people who lived it are incredibly flawed. Yet those imperfections and flaws are what make your life beautiful. Amid the darkness and the debris, there are endless wonder and majesty all around you.

Nothing is black and white. Life exists in vibrant colors and varying shades. You have the ability to add meaning and purpose to its existence. Sometimes all you need is just a little guidance along the way.

With a little help, you can discover and ignite the creator within you. Make a decision right now to dive into the possibility of living an unapologetic life that is purposed filled and by your own design.

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You are worth it!

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