Harnessing Positive Energy

Nothing comes easy except failure and disappointment. Why is life generally so full of negativity and struggle? Everyone faces ups and downs of life. But for some, it is just too much, overwhelming at times. How can we transcend and rise above social conditioning?

There are numerous explanations for this phenomenon. Its implications have not yet been fully explored. As humanity evolved, we can only do our best with whatever knowledge that is available to us in the attempt to create the life we want. Within the model of Reality Transurfing presented by Russian physicist Vadim Zealand, there is an unconscious space within each one of us. It is learning how to shift to this larger part of us that we can transcend our limitations.

We need to understand that a lot of the thoughts we think are ours are recycled thoughts from other people. We may think that we're having our own thoughts and sometimes we do. Most times however, we recycle thoughts that we don't even know. That's because of the existence of pendulums that are in the background which we're not aware of.


Pendulums are energy thought structures that are formed by groups of people thinking similar thoughts. Our thoughts have an electromagnetic type of reality that is not visible to our eyes. Every thought, feelings, and even actions we take affects the momentum in our energy field.

This is why it's important to be aware of our feelings. Be aware of issues pertaining to self-worth, and how we feel about certain things, people, or events that trigger us. Unconscious triggers disrupt our energy pattern. It becomes a cycle where negative thoughts reinforce negative emotions that will produce negative actions.

Thoughts are a form of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Thought energies spiral and move towards similar energies. They cluster together and form a structure known as pendulum. Pendulum has the ability to control its adherents by influencing their thoughts and emotions through coercion.

The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and non-sense, not between right and wrong.

– Carl Jung


There are times you'll find yourself in the role of a spectator sitting on the sideline. You become a participant when you choose to walk out onto the field, playing life's game. This can happen when you are watching the news or joining in a group discussion at your local joint. You become an active participator when you invest either physically, emotionally or mentally in the game. You are exposed to a bunch of pendulums being spewed trying to gain your attention. Your reaction may be anger, sadness, or excitement in the moment. Your response might be “I feel angry about this situation.” This emotion that you are experiencing could be the same emotion experienced by hundreds or thousands of people who are thinking the same way over the same issue. By now, you have gotten sucked into the pendulum’s energy that caused you to react in a certain way.

Regardless of which side you are on over the matter, whether you are “for” it or “against” it makes no difference. You can't ever fight a pendulum. By fighting it, you are really strengthening it, as attention is energy. Whatever gains the most attention will triumph even if it is negative attention. Just because you would hate for something to happen does not mean you can resist it and stop it from taking place. As the famous adage goes “what you feed grows,” and it will.


We need to become aware of what we are consuming by the attention we give to it. It is possible to observe without participating. We can make a conscious choice to either allow a thing to become our experience, or we could leave it behind remaining free of its influence. Every possibility, to our advantage or disadvantage already exists at a different frequency right now. Our job is to awaken to know what’s going on so that we can select the right path by making the right decision. The unfortunate reality is that many people are unaware as most float by unconsciously through life. When something inevitably appears in their experience, they are taken by surprise without realizing their part in bringing about the result.

A pendulum is formed by a cluster of people who think and act in the same way, causing their thought energy to unite in a single current. The greater the number of adherents, the greater the force, and the harder it will swing. With a life of its own, the pendulum gains strength and control over a broader spectrum of people.

Pendulum hides behind masks and condescending ideas playing on people’s feelings and needs. On the opposite side, if the adherents decrease, the force of its swing will be weakened and may stop moving completely, thereby cease to exist.

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself.

– Jim Rohn


Generally, anything can be a pendulum from religion, political parties, societies, educational systems, and trends to bacterial colonies, populations, lifestyle, and mindset.

Under the influence of the pendulum, the adherent builds his life around the laws of the system at his own risk. He loses his freedom and is forced to live by the standards imposed. In exchange, the individual gains position, lifestyle, a status that is loyal in supporting the pendulum. The system has no interest in the individual except to exploit them to its own end. He is lured by the fantasy of money, status, potential happiness for acceptance and attention. Eventually the individual is drawn away from his intended lifelines to end up in a swamp of problems, competition, and survival in the big ocean.

It is no surprise to find someone drawn into such eruption of intense energy and passion. An example of this can be seen in a stadium, concert, social upheaval, religious gatherings, and gossips where people get caught up in the aggressive energy. The individual is drawn into mass consciousness energy and is unable to think or act rationally. He strives towards fictitious goals that are neither his or coincide with his future interest.


A rebel will be risked being ruthlessly eliminated, ex-communicated, or indirectly punished because he is no longer submissive enough to continue being a source of energy. The individual may risk being laughed at, losing his place in the system, having his personal welfare and future destroyed as a result.

The effect of a pendulum here may seem to have been blown out of proportion but make no mistake. Its effect is no doubt severely damaging. In the face of challenging situations, most people would not consciously choose negativity. However one may continue to commit the same mistakes habitually. Watch out for examples such as gossip, reaction towards negative news that leads to fear, worry, and anxiety. The person is then at risk of being shifted to a corresponding lifeline. A lot of people have been confronted with bad news and unfortunate events without realizing their participation in the loop.


It does seem that everywhere, people generally get what they do not want. The stronger your desire to avoid something, the more likely you will encounter it. We make the common mistake of affirming that we dislike something. Simultaneously, we invest a great amount of thought energy thinking about it, discussing it with friends, expressing our dissatisfaction, and feeding on relevant news. Although we may say that we don’t want it, indirectly we are a participant. We let the very thing we do not want into our life and before long, it is manifested in our experience.

Someone once said, “No one is coming to save you. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.” By refusing to be accountable for our actions and putting the blame on everyone and everything is either ignorance or illiteracy. As much as we can, let us make every effort in the direction of peace and gratitude by amplifying the positive things we have in life. Everything that exists has advantages and disadvantages. Wisdom is knowing which to select and which to avoid.

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