Master Your Fears

In unsettling times such as a pandemic, I thought it timely for us to reflect on the nature of fear and how we can learn to manage it more mindfully. Running away doesn’t promote resilience, perseverance or strength. It is not an option if we wish to grow.

Living under constant threat of fear has serious health consequences. It weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage. Fear can interrupt processes in our brains, impair the formation of long-term memories and cause damage to certain parts of the brain. It can lead to accelerated aging and even premature death. To someone in chronic fear, the world looks scary and their memories confirm that.


As humans, we will experience fear to a certain degree. But we must be careful not to empower it to the point that it adversely influences our actions and decisions. Fear exists as an unpleasant emotion or thought. It undermines your confidence, shapes who you are, and jeopardizes your real hopes of success. Whether it's about fear of failure, fear of commitment, or fear of the unknown, it doesn’t need to be paralyzing.

Fear is induced by perceived danger or threat. It is a basic survival mechanism that triggers appropriate adaptive responses. As such, it is essential in keeping us safe. Whether the threats to our security are real or perceived, how we react greatly affects our mental and physical wellbeing.

Fear is the worst kind of grave, because it buries one alive.

– Beth Fantaskey


Fear puts the mind and the heart in a grip. It narrows down our vision so we can only see what isn't going well, what could go wrong, and all the reasons why we are stuck now. Feeding the fear fuels an already chaotic situation. It doesn’t change the reality of what’s happening but paralyzes us.

Things are not going to get better unless you are open up to love. If you understand energy, you have to understand that everything in the known universe moves and vibrates. Our emotional state influences the way our life develops. Fear, in all its different forms, is very low on the scale of emotions. People operating at this level end up attracting to them whatever they think about and the way they think about it. If it has a likened energy frequency match, it will attract.


The human subconscious has a bigger impact on how we respond to fear. They are born from the mind, from a negative thought form that takes on a stronghold over our lower consciousness when the mind focuses on the uncertainty of future events. These can be directly or indirectly connected to the fear of death and other negative attachment-related experiences. Confidence, on the other hand, comes from an awareness of all the facts along with the belief in a positive future outcome, regardless of what uncertainty is present. No matter how it is revealed, fear is real.

The less conscious we are, the deeper the impact of the fear that affects our daily reality. It is ready to strike according to the nature of our conscious awareness. The fear we experience can easily overpower and manipulate us. Fear hinders the flow of love, the giving and receiving from our hearts, and the expansion of our consciousness, hitting us instead with anxieties, stress, burdens and restrictions. It has its origin earlier in life through unresolved memories and a range of subtle or stronger conditionings that are either self-imposed or imposed by others. It is possible to have picked them up from the collective consciousness of humanity that generates a lot of the fears that we all have in common.

There is no illusion greater than fear.

– Lao Tzu


When we feed the fear instead of treating it as an illusion, we fuel it by giving it our precious energy as food. We lay waste our personal powers of creation and end up exhausted, tired and sick at times.

Of course, we know that when we feed something it will grow and so it is the same with fear. It has the potential of growing out of proportion through the use of our own energy. Once this cycle is in motion, we are sucked inside that vortex which leaves us in a state of delusion where the ability to distinguish truth from lie is severely affected.

It is hard to admit that the only source providing to its sustenance is you. You feed the fear every time you give into it. You feed it and it becomes stronger causing its appetite to grow.


We must always be reminded that we are powerful creators—all of us, no matter how we may presently perceive ourselves. We have been given the potential to create at so many different altitudes. This is just as true in our potential to create the highest level of fear to our disadvantage as well as the highest level of grace in our realities.

It takes awareness to realize that we are not victims of our fears but its creators. Just as we are its source of sustenance, we also have the power to starve them to death and take our power back from it. In truth, they do not exist, as the largest part of our fears do only live in our minds.

The point then is to learn to discern and become aware of how fear is formed within us so that we can overcome them and take our powers back, utilizing the wisdom of our clear consciousness. We have to ultimately take over control of our emotions instead of allowing it to distract us.


When you assume your power as a co-creator of the world, you step out of the low vibratory level of being frightened and begin to vibrate at the level of courage. This can elevate your life to an incredible experience. What’s more, you will also be doing your part to raise the consciousness of mankind. When you can vibrate at a higher frequency, you experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. You influence others to do the same, and ultimately lead humanity to a more positive place. The world will be a less fearful place for everyone.

You will finally learn that you can raise your consciousness and move beyond fears. This negative emotion no longer serves you therefore you can let go of them instead of getting caught in that vicious cycle by unconsciously feeding them.


The decision about where you place your energy is in your hands. You have total control to either give your power away or take it back so that you can re-build reality in which peace and harmony reign supreme. There is no more space left for fear to co-exist. The ultimate goal is to transcend fear and come to a place where we are safe to trust the process of our lives.

Small steps have never been more imperative than in the case of eradicating fear. When action is taken in small steps it can lead to great change. Let’s move beyond fear and make each day a masterpiece. After all, we are creators, aren't we?

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