Let's Talk Unconditional Love

Depression and anxiety are caused to an extent by the same thing. It is a disconnection from the things we believe we need in order to be happy. Most of these conditions are glaring into our faces everyday like the need to be valued by other people, the need to feel that we’re good at something and the need to feel that our future is secure.

The real path to happiness comes from dismantling the ego wall, removing resistance and allowing unconditional love. Unconditional love is affection without limitation. It involves you not having to withhold love just because you do not agree with someone else’s choices. You don’t decide to love because of a condition, you decide to love in spite of it.

As humans, we generally have a deep-seated desire to feel good. For instance when people are nice to us and when our surroundings are agreeable, it is easy to feel good. However, when disparity and resistance arise, the good feeling disappears. And now we want the condition to change in order for our emotions to change

What Is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love is the ability to remain in and to maintain a high vibrational state. It is the state where our true inner being exists. And this is the state in which Source resides regardless of your external experience. That’s why God is love. We are love because we are an extension of Source. This is the reality that we are all awakening to. Our physical being is constantly reaching forward into this realization that we are source.

In our lives, we are constantly being bombarded with choices. Choices are good because it offers us the freedom to express our individuality. The problem arises when we lock our desires on things we believe we can’t have. That gets us tied up in resistance.

We get angry, upset and frustrated when we don’t get what we want. When we encounter resistance in our path, it keeps us from being who we really are. It interrupts the flow because who we really are on the inside is not in alignment with who we are on the outside. On the inside, we are love and peace and flow. When we attempt to force people, things and conditions that are beyond our control, that causes us to react negatively.

You Are An Extension Of Source

Conditional love is dependent on what’s happening around you. When you see something that you don’t like, it affects you. You’re unhappy. You disagree. You’re defensive. You’re off alignment. For you to come back into alignment, things must change so that you can feel good. If it doesn’t, you’ll be angry, frustrated and bitter. And with justified reasons too.

It's not about: I must love, but its recognizing that I can love because I am Love.

– purposefullifenow

As an extension of Source, you are Love. Because Source is Love, therefore you can love. It is not about: I must love, but it is recognizing that I can love because I am Love. You are either being in alignment versus being tied up to the effects of the condition around you. All pain and suffering is about diverging from who you really are. All joy and peace is about being in alignment with who you are. Who are you? You are source.

Love is the absence of resistance. Therefore to be in unconditional love means maintaining vibrational alignment with Souce even when something that you don’t want is happening. When you’re in alignment you are allowing Souce to flow through you unhindered. It is what being in the flow means. When you divert away from your alignment with Source, you won’t be able to love as you should. You are back into reacting to the circumstance around you based on sensory perception. Your ability to flow continuously in love is dependent on being connected to Source.

The Ego Self

When 2 people are in an argument, the basis of that argument is always centered on individuality. If they stay in that state of resistance long enough, they will find themselves going deeper and deeper into their differences because the truth is there are no 2 people alike. Everyone is a product of a different environment and upbringing. Where I come from differs very much from where you come from. Even if we grow up in the same environment our perception and preference may still differ.

If you are willing to let go of defense, to not assert your point of view and to let go of needing to be right, you reconnect back to the flow. You open yourself to allow the essence of Source to flow through you once again. This will open up a state of mind where there is clarity to analyze the situation and be unaffected by what’s happening in the now.

All of our arguments and disagreements are focused on elevating the ego. That is the part of us that always wanted to be right. Craving the desire to feel good and the confidence of being in control. We believe that we must not lose and we should never compromise. That’s the ego lurking its ugly head. The ego is part of you. It has an elevated opinion about self. It gets so affected and bothered about what the other person is saying or doing. Unconsciously you are drawn into the state of resistance instead of staying in alignment.

If you know you are the creator of your own reality, and you truly are, you need to then take responsibility for what's happening and not join the blame game.

– purposefullifenow

It makes a difference when you can clearly see from the perspective of Source even if the other person can’t or refuse to do the same. By remaining in the state of flow, you have the upper hand to influence your environment including the person you are at disagreement with.

When you recognize that you are the creator of your own reality, you then take responsibility for what’s happening and not join in the blame game. Sometimes pulling away is the best thing you can do even though it may seem that you are losing at the moment. But you are really not losing. You are actively creating outside of the current condition that surrounds you by rising above it. This is necessary because it is not possible to resolve a problem with the same frequency that created it.

Your past or current condition does not determine your future outcome. Therefore, fix your mind on the outcome that you desire, the good feeling, the joy, the end result of fulfillment. Do not allow what you are seeing in the current moment to affect you.

Caution Of Danger

Studies have shown that when exposed to stress, the brain perceives that something dangerous is happening. The brain will respond by releasing a surge of hormones that causes an increase in the heart rate. It elevates the blood pressure for the purpose of boosting energy supplies. The brain is now preparing the person for a fight-or-flight response. It is similar to the scenario where you are being chased by a tiger. This is not the time to stop and think.

During moments of stress, which is what an argument is, the person is not in a condition to receive new information. He is not in a state to analyze. That’s why trying to get logic and sense across at this point will be futile. A lot of people make the mistake of forcing their point across but it bounces right off the wall causing more anger and frustration.

Let's be willing to release other people off their responsibility for our happiness. Understand that you are in charge of how you feel. Be so tuned into the flow of Source within you. Practice and offer unconditional love no matter the situation. When you get so good at doing this, now you can maintain and be in the flow regardless of your environment.

Coming Into Alignment

Our journey in this human experience is for the purpose of moving deliberately towards the path of joyous expansion. As we continue to evolve we are moving higher and higher into new discoveries. Every time we overcome resistance, we open up the potential for new possibilities. With every effort to release resistance we are gradually moving up the emotional scale.

You really shouldn’t require people to behave for you to love them. You can love unconditionally by maintaining a good feeling thought moment by moment. Your emotion is an indicator of where you are currently at in your alignment.

AAs we do that every day, we develop the ability to view our world a little differently. Understand that we are really working towards coming into alignment with our true self. We will then truly appreciate this magnificent physical life that we have come here to experience.

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