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What Happens When I Give Up Worrying

I used to spend most of my already limited time attempting to control and manipulate people and situations. I didn’t even know how to enjoy the minor pleasures of life because I was afraid to be happy since I imagined I could lose it all one day, and I allowed fear and worry to hijack my happiness.

I can almost hear you say, quit worrying, it solves nothing and only leads to anxiety. Yes, tell me something I don’t know. I stuck that quote on my phone’s wallpaper and on my fridge door to remind me daily of my priority and you know how it goes. I’ll see right past it.

There’s an array of different things to worry about, and it doesn’t help for you to tell me that everything’s going to be okay. Words mean nothing when you’re suffocating under a mountain of problems.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, neither is it a bed of thorns. The ups and downs of life are natural ebbs and flows. It’s okay to feel down, just don’t camp there. I accept that I have a choice, either let worry destroy me or flip it over and view it from a fresh perspective.

It’s tough to be productive when we allow constant worry and negative thinking to distract and prevent us from truly living our lives. I know what it feels like to worry constantly, and sometimes it seems like there’s no way out.

That’s just not true.

When days get rough, and sometimes it does, I do my part that will aid the Universe in helping me create a life I love.



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I have to crawl out of that mountain and plant myself in the current moment to see through the fog. I get it, it’s impossible not to worry. But I learned I can take a chance and enjoy each day to the fullest, regardless. It’s an ongoing process, and I can refuse to let my thought patterns drain my time and energy.

When days get rough, and sometimes it does, I do my part that will aid the Universe in helping me create a life I love. I’ve learned to accept that the only reality I’m living in is the present moment while the worry or the fear in my mind is a product of my imagination, simply because it does not and may never exist.

There’s no way of knowing for sure what’s going to happen in the future, but my actions in the present can give me an idea of how that future is going to look like.

How do I feel at the moment? Am I governed by love or fear? What am I focusing on right now? What is my brain telling me, do I agree with it? Do I want to feed that thought or starve it?

What you do, or cease to do, has consequences in your life. Do you sit and mourn or do you go out and create with every action you take? The way you think will determine whether your life will become more miserable and limited than necessary.

Choose to believe that we live in a supportive Universe where everything unfolds perfectly, eventually.



Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels


Life just is and no amount of worry can change anything. I’m tired of worrying. It’s dead weight. With the same amount of energy used for worrying, let’s put it to better use.

Each time I caught myself fretting over something that has not happened, I have to remember that I’m not there yet, so I’ll deal with it when it arrives, or if it arrives. My greatest self-defeating argument is what if things don’t work out? Now I challenge myself to think, what if it does?

I don’t expect a magical, miraculous turnaround overnight, but nothing is impossible with a little determination and effort. I know I’ll make it and so will you. Trust the flow of life and believe that something wonderful is waiting around the corner. Choose to believe that we live in a supportive Universe where everything unfolds perfectly, eventually. If life punches me in my face, I’ll deal with it, but why sit and expect disaster before it arrives?

Fear and failure are self-created illusions. Whenever our minds create an unpleasant scenario, fear and worry are by-products of that imagination, which makes it unreal. Despite stressing out unnecessarily, it’s important to remember it hasn’t happened yet.

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If I’m able to create fear from just my perception, that shows that I have the power to shift my perception from fear to love anytime. That includes having the confidence to deal with whatever comes my way.

Thoughts are manifestations of energy that can shape our reality. We are sending out thoughts of greater or lesser intensity all the time. Our thoughts change our world once they reach a certain consistent intensity and we reap the results. We attract what we think of consistently on an unconscious level.

All of us can see below the surface of things, and use our power of focus to become a conscious creator of our reality. When provoked by fear, anger, or worry, I don’t have to cry foul and play the victim. I can rise above my emotions and fix my mind firmly on my higher Self.

Don’t allow the mind to trick you into the unending loop of worries and concern. Everything will unfold perfectly and things can and will happen for our highest good. It may not always be exactly the way we want, but trust that you’ll always get what you need.

So much easier said than done, and it takes repeated efforts to remember and assert these beliefs, but it’s worth it because I truly believe I deserve to live a fulfilling and worthwhile life.

How about you?

I’ll have to admit, it’s hard not to, and occasionally I still catch myself worrying. That’s the beauty of human imperfection, just be okay with it. Refuse to let everything to chance, instead, get busy creating the life you want. In the end, even if the situation doesn’t change, your acceptance of where you are in the process would have.

Try it, it’ll work for you too.

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