Surviving The Storms Of Chaos

I recently wrote an article for The Pink focused on the discomfort of fear and how to come out strong. You can read it here.

In that article, I talked about how recognizing fear for what it is can help us move forward and become better.

Fear is a hard-wired emotion in our brain. Its function is to alert us to the dangers around and to keep us safe. Can you imagine what it would be like if you’re born without fear? You’d probably be jumping off rooftops, speeding down the highway in the opposite direction, or skydiving without a parachute. Think of the thrill that would cause.

Thankfully, the emotion of fear came. When fear sounded the alarm, you’d spin around and your senses would trigger the flight-or-fight mode to protect you.

Given that fear is considered to be a negative emotion, we would naturally do all we can to avoid it. While our aim is always to come out safely on the other side, there are some things that we can do to avoid being pulled into the force.

First, let’s define what fear is.

According to Wikipedia, fear is an emotion induced by perceived danger or threat, which causes physiological changes and ultimately behavioral changes, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events.

Did you notice the word “perceived” in the above explanation? Yes, that means fear results from our perception. The stories we tell ourselves have a great impact on how we cope and deal with fear.

Fear is nothing more than just the passing of energy through our bodies in the form of electromagnetic waves. To enjoy great health and well-being, we must allow the energy force to flow freely. For that to happen, your energy centers must be completely open to avoid any kind of blockage, reaching into all parts of your body. You live in love, you’re happy and allowing, and nothing bothers you.

When there is a blockage, energy can’t flow. Along with that come many illnesses or pain in specific parts of the body.

To experience wellness again, you have to ensure that your energy centers are constantly open and allowing. But how can you escape a world full of problems to live a trouble-free life?

The answer lies in understanding what causes blockage and how to ensure that they are not disturbed.

Find your center and stay there. It will allow you to live your life to its maximum.

– Barbara Ann Kipfer

Blockage of energy center

Most of what you take in on a daily basis does not get blocked. The energy makes it right through you. Imagine taking a walk in the park and noticing the children playing freely. Then you drive to your favorite joint for your pick-me-up cup of hot coffee. It all goes well.

The moment you experience something unpleasant such as an unusually long queue at the café or someone absent-mindedly bumped into you, spilling your coffee, something happens. The experience blocked your heart because now you are not accepting and allowing the energy to flow freely. Instead, you cling on to it through resisting.

When your heart, which is the place through which energy flows to sustain you, is blocked, it cannot process the energy. The blocked energy will be stored in pain, thus limiting your life.

You may not have realized it, but you know exactly how to close down your centers. When you’re fearful, you close the center. When you lack confidence during a meeting, you close the center. When you’re in a disagreement with someone, you close the center. You can feel the emotion coming up inside your body, but it was held down, instead of being released freely.

When you’re in unforgiveness, you close your center. When you’re fearful, you close your center. The energy becomes stagnant as a result of your intention to protect yourself from life issues, hoping that nothing goes too wrong.

Keeping yourself centered

Thoughts and emotions are objects of consciousness. When your heart feels anxious, that shows you are being aware of an experience. Consider what’s going on in your mind at that time. In almost all cases, our emotions are the byproduct of what we are thinking about. Change your thoughts and you can see your emotions changing.

It’s almost impossible trying to control our thoughts because thinking only creates more thinking and endlessly it goes in circles. The only solution is learning to stay center. When you stay center, you allow objects to come and go as they wish while your consciousness watches it. Events happening around you, people disagreeing with you, unpleasant circumstances occurring but you refuse to get pulled into it.

If you get distracted and started focusing your thoughts and emotions on the events, they become stronger. Suddenly they become important to you and demand more of your attention. Eventually, what started off as a passing thought now becomes the center of your life. As the intensity grows, it pulls you out of control.

No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.

– Chuck Palahniuk

Caught in the storm of chaos

Our nature is such that we allow ourselves to get bothered by the little, meaningless things that happen every day. Someone cuts you off in traffic, the cashier taking a bit too long at the checkout counter, the neighbor’s barking dog, all these little things can get to you, if you’re not centered.

The moment you feel a change in the energy flow, relax yourself. Open your heart and simply let go. Don’t get caught up in the movement. Decide that no matter what the mind says, you aren’t getting involved. Do not let the energy draw you in.

When you lose your center, you get pulled into the force and you end up where you don’t belong. Everything around you now seems distorted. Your vision is affected because you are looking through the lens of disorder.

Once you fall, you are under the mercy of the negative force. Your mind starts to say all kinds of things, causing your emotion to go havoc until it gets out of control. At the height of intensity, you lose your grip and allow your body to express itself.

From here on, you are manifesting darkness. The more you release it out into the universe, the more of the same will come back to you. That is how a negative cycle happens.

How far down can you go?

If you are not watchful to catch yourself early, once you’re weakened, you can fall all the way down until your life turns out to be a total mess. You may reach a point of absolute defeat where you completely lose control of your center. Even if a thought of clarity drifts by, you have no ability to hold on to it.

It is no surprise that in this state, people have done the unthinkable because they do not know how to keep from being pulled deeper and deeper into disruption.

Work at keeping your center at all times. Let go and refuse to hold on to passing energy.

Life is, after all, a journey. The further you go, the better you should learn to navigate. If you fall, just get back up and forget it. As long as you’re willing to learn the lesson, you will brave through the storm just fine.

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