Stop Trying To Figure It All Out

Maybe the great lesson in life is not how to have the best time, but how to stop worrying about what the ‘best’ even is. Maybe we need to stop figuring out all the answers and just exist, in the present. Because life can’t be figured out. You will never “figure it out.” There is no one road to happiness, wealth, or success.

It does not help to always want to figure everything out. That’s the by-product of split energy not tended to. We forget that life is a continual journey and we could certainly do ourselves a favor by looking towards what’s coming with excitement.

You could not possibly have all the answers so learn to embrace the unknown as you go on and discover what this journey has to offer.

Misguided Beliefs Create Conditional Love

When we get obsessed with trying to figure everything out, we enforce false belief systems that create misaligned destiny that will keep us from walking through life with wonder. It produces conflict in relationships because we are defending and guarding misguided convictions.

Misguided beliefs keep us from acknowledging the love we have for one another because we are focusing on the conditions that should be, in order for us to love them. We convince ourselves that we have this all worked out.

"This is the ultimate way, so you must listen to me in order for this to work. And most absurdly, you must agree with me so that we can make the world a better place, or else." The pressure then is to exert the condition on others in the hope to create that preconceived outcome where we can all be happy. "And if you do not comply, then you are the problem, not me."

Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop trying to figure out how we feel, and see what happens.

– Carrie Bradshaw

Allow Things To Just Be

Everything does not have to be figured out in order for us to live a joyful, blissful life experience. It goes against the fundamental property of the universe, which is diversity; difference and variety. Diversity makes synergy dynamic. That's why diversity is so wonderful. Not as a means of separation but as an avenue of coming together, despite the condition.

Only you know what works best for you, what feels good to you. No one else is standing in your shoes. Life is not passivity, but acceptance of where you are and what can happen. Not standing on the sidelines of every moment, but knowing that you can only do so much. And when you take some of that pressure off yourself, and off others, then you allow things to just be.

Historical events have shown that war and separation, in the name of peace, have not benefitted us. It has resulted in untold amount of anguish and suffering. You cannot assert your Self at someone else's expense, no matter how clear that picture is playing out in your mind. This kind of approach can never lead to anything positive. When a perspective is based on mistaken assumptions, the consequence is often a misleading conclusion.

All of us are continuously reaching towards our personal alignment with Source. And that alignment can't be achieved by contingent to anyone else figuring it out for you or you trying to figure it out for others. Everything is in the process of evolving. As we all reach forward to our individual alignment, we get to live out the life that we are here to experience.

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Trust The Process of Evolution

Every experience is a learning process, even the unpleasant ones, so that life can continue to unfold. No one should get stuck and no one is stuck. It is your allowing that will enable your perception to guide you along. Every experience, including important events throughout history, are there to steer us towards realization. As more and more people come into alignment with their true self, there is the realization that no one else needs to stop doing some things in order for you to be joyful because your joy is not dependent on the change or behavior of anyone else.

When conflict arises, it is constructive to avoid political strategizing and instead consider how things may appear to the other party. If we do not consider another's perspective, what is very meaningful and sensible to him may look absurd to us. So the reality isn't what things actually are, but a person's reality is what the person thinks and feels it is, given the circumstances. We don’t see things as how they are, we see things as how we are.

Contrast is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a good thing. With contrast, we discover what we don’t want and therefore realizing what we do want. From that point, we can deliberately choose to take charge and manage our own vibrational frequency so that life doesn't just happen to us. Life can happen for us. Every level of connection must be accompanied by some level of detachment so that we can step back and see the bigger picture. This is how we can continue to discover and experience the potential of our expansion, making us the deliberate creators that we are.

All the things that we need or will ever need is already in the here and now. Time has a privileged present. Only Now is real. Albert Einstein has famously quote that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time can't be found in something that in itself does not exist. NOW does not have any duration. It is instantaneous. Anything that happens, happens now. And Now is not time. It is everything. We just need to be willing to align ourselves and come into the awareness of it in order to embrace that which we have mistakenly thought to be far off ahead in the distant future.

Quit Trying To Dictate Outcomes

We must quit trying to dictate outcomes. Your mind does not understand infinite possibilities. It only acknowledges what has already happened, and what is right in front of your face. Anything beyond that just doesn’t exist according to your mind.

You are probably feeling frustrated that you aren’t farther along than where you are right now. Know that where you are right now is the perfect time and place to be. Break free from whatever box you have put yourself into and throw it away so that you're not tempted to put someone else into it, just in case.

Our ability to be true to ourselves and different from others while still remaining connected creates a paradox, one that generates great freedom. Many of us believe that to have connection with someone means we have to be the same. This attitude limits us because each person is unique. When we constantly make the other person the enemy during conflicts, we miss what is really going on; the gifts of our differences.

Letting others be themselves while being true to ourselves helps us expand into compassion and true love. The way we do that is by accepting and allowing what is unfolding along the way, and enjoying the process, spending our energy in joyful creation rather than fighting against what we have no control over. I believe that the best thing in life is having the freedom to be happy.

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