Adapt, Adjust and Move On

For many generations, humans have believed that someday when we conquer over others, have power, money or fame, we will be happy. While the reality is, "that" someday has never come and never will because the happiness we will get from achieving all that will be temporal and will not satisfy our heart and soul.

The problem is, we believe much of what determines happiness is outside of our control. Lucky for some who have learned to innately see the world through rose-colored glasses, while many others tend to choose destructive perspectives no matter how life turns out for them. Negative things do happen and I get that. People can be unkind, and jobs can be tedious. Life can be overwhelming. The thing is, as long as you live in this world, you are subjected to the same chaos as everyone. No one is exempted.

It is often said that happiness is a choice. Then why aren’t more people choosing to be happy? To a great extent, we choose our own thoughts and reactions, that influence the way we feel. A basic assumption of the human behavior is that people generally pursue pleasure and seek to avoid pain. Evaluate your life right now, do you find yourself living in a perpetual state of unhappiness? Is there a certain comfortable familiarity of being dissatisfied that becomes an obstacle to change?

Expectations shift as we move through life’s course. It’s part of our soul’s evolution journey. There is no mistake that every unit of this universe is in harmony with each other. We need to evolve in our mind and soul in order to learn how to live in harmony with our inner being and the outside nature.

Life can either be experienced or labeled. Most people don’t experience happiness because labeling gets in the way. The labels we attach to our circumstances and events can be a powerful motivator or detractor. Judging gives rise to excessive labeling which will alienate you from the desired experience.

Happiness is as a butterfly, which when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

– Nathaniel Hawthorne

Whatever negative experience you are currently facing right now has the potential to change for the better. The world is advancing forward into the unknown at a speed that we cannot quite comprehend. With everyone and everything moving faster, innovation and efficiency go through the roof. We have to do whatever it takes to stay relevant. Whether we choose to embrace or reject the possibility of what is being presented onto us, we will get caught up eventually. Our allowance or resistance will determine the impact it will have on us.

Unless people are willing to accept that the past no longer exists, they will not be ready to embrace the future. They become their own worst enemy. They are devastated and remain stuck, talking about the good old days hoping and waiting that things will revert back to how it was. No matter how good the past has been, their resistance to change causes them to deny the fact that things are no longer the way it was.

In every conversation, be it among family members, business people or in the market places, we hear people lamenting and comparing experiences to what's back in the past and longing for it. The past is as obscure as the future. It keeps us from the truth of the present and the courage to conquer the fear of the unknown. It is grasped as a moment in time somewhere that will always be better than where we are now. However, the past revealed itself as an idealized version of something we want it to be, but never the reality.

Everything will be going on as normal until something happens that force us to look at life in a different way. The inability to adapt may cause some people to put their lives on hold hoping for a "normal" world to return, one that no longer exists. People suffer because they are clinging to a world that once serves them well. Whether good or bad, it was a path that has brought us to this point. Today, we have gained so much more than before. We are being presented with new opportunities and are empowered to make new choices. What used to be an absolute system of the past no longer works. Many of the old ways we were taught to believe are no longer valid.

It's not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

– Charles Darwin

Our world is more connected today than ever before, therefore problem-solving based on individualism is no longer effective. All things resonate, and a shared resonance allows simpler processes to combine into more complex processes that yield richer types of consciousness. That includes you and me, the people in our community and those that are in other parts of the world. The mind-set of defending only what is within our four walls no longer stand because your choices and mine affect the outside world in a significant way. Separation is an illusion.

Think about how separation has cause humanity to be crippled despite the advanced revolution. We see more war, hatred, family breakdown and self-induced harm because we had wrongly believed that each of these is not related to the other but truly we are all one universal consciousness. We are so deeply indoctrinated that conflict is the only approach we have to solve problems, whether in family or community. If that’s the lens through which we view the world, which is largely based on the old way of thinking, then the advance technology and equipment would only serve to empower violence and hatred that leads to crisis within communities and nations alike. We are not out to solve the problem of a small group minority that exists in one corner of the earth. We are all in this together.

You must be willing to view life in a different way and to adapt to the new normal in a world that we are still unsure of how it will turn out as it continues to unfold. As revolution precedes, adaptability is necessary, not as a means to cancel out the old but to build upon the previous understanding.

Human lives are not random as previously believed. We are deeply connected into our bodies. We are not victims of our environment. We do have a say about how our lives, our health and our environment turn out.

Life based on separation is obsolete. People need to learn how to break away from the limiting self-sabotaging beliefs that hold them back. The universe thrives upon the model of cooperation, with a healthy dose of competition but only for the pure intention of seeking out ways to contribute and share for the overall good of everyone.

Your world could be your family, your workplace, your community, your nation. If we are hoping to see peace in the world, it has to start with us from a smaller scale.

Everything we need for change now is already made available. Until we change our perception and begin to understand that our conscious and subconscious play a big part in how we behave, we will miss the potential that is right in front of our eyes.

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