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You Are A Relentless Force Of Courage That Is Made To Win In The Battle Of Life

You’re in the middle of a dark night. Everything seems to be going wrong all around you. At times like these, it’s undeniably hard to believe that the light at the end of the tunnel exists. This is the time your soul is battling between truth and reality. You’re trying to keep your head above the water and fight the impossibility that feels endless.

Life can box you in but don’t let it beat you down. While no one ever said it’s going to be easy, we are often ill-prepared for just how hard things can get when life flipped upside down. We suffer not knowing where to turn or what to do next.

Those close to you are cautioning you to be realistic, to prepare for the worst-case scenario, to constantly be on guard, and witness what’s happening around you.

When faced with such an overwhelming pressure, it’s easy to accept that things are falling apart. It’s easy to get frustrated and to throw your hands up in defeat because there’s simply no reason to believe otherwise. But it is even more important to remain positive in the face of despair.

Embrace The Power Of Positivity

Being positive is not naïve. It isn’t about denying reality or glorifying misfortunes. It’s really the art of surviving. Don’t talk yourself out of any breakthrough by believing there’s no way out. You don’t have to be stuck with a defeatist attitude.

It takes mental strength to overcome when obstacles continue to mount and the storm lingers longer than expected. Being positive means plucking up the courage to push through the darkest and most painful periods with perseverance and unrelenting stamina. It is the ability to keep the fire burning in your soul even when it appears when all hope is lost. It means you believe to the exclusion of any other possibility.

Maintaining positivity is a daily challenge. It requires focus and attention. You must be intentional if you’re going to overcome your brain’s tendency to zero in on your problems.

It’s difficult. It hurts. It’s humiliating. It feels like life is void of joy and there’s darkness all around. But don’t you shy away from that change. Growth never happen when you stick around in your comfort zones. You need to actively seek and adapt to change. To keep moving, to try new experiences and be willing to see through the discomfort.

Despite a world of seemingly endless impossibilities, you have a choice to carve out a meaningful outcome.



Photo by Ithalu Dominguez from Pexels

You're Down But You're Not Out

Even if you’ve fallen, realize that you can rise up. You have the potential to be better today than you were yesterday. You don’t have to be stuck on only seeing things one way that you miss any other possible view.

The problems are not road-blocks. They are not stop-signs put in your path to disempower you. They are there to help you discover how strong you are. What you perceive as an impediment to your advancement is what advances you.

Engulf the experience. Wrap it around you like a cloak. Know that comfort does not build resilience, challenges do. It is not a step back from where you want to be, it’s a step closer to where you want to go.

You have an immense amount of courage placed inside you. Don’t let it go to waste. Don’t let it get locked up in a cage of fear. Break free.

Break free from the lies that say you can’t. Break free from herd mentality that says just because it happens to everyone else, it will happen to you. Despite a world of seemingly endless impossibilities, you have the choice to carve out a meaningful outcome.

You may not have the option to choose what you see, but you surely can choose how you see it.



Photo by Ithalu Dominguez from Pexels

You're A Warrior Build To Conquer

Cultivate your inner warrior. Zap negative thoughts out of your head before they derail your day. When being confronted, choose to respond by seeing opportunity rather than obstacle. Be relentless. Ignore the naysayers. You have the power to move forward with total confidence and create your own destiny.

Stop waiting for the perfect set of circumstances. They do not exist. Life will never unfold perfectly so step out of the skewed and false narrative painted by fear.

Stop predicting and start creating. You may not have the option to choose what you see, but you clearly can choose how you see it. Your circumstances won’t dictate your destiny, your choices will.

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Stop At Nothing On Your Journey To Win

And most of all, remember that everything in life is temporary. Every time it starts raining, it will stop. Every time you get hurt, you will heal. And after every darkness there is always light. Nothing last forever.

Just because life sucks at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t smile. It doesn’t mean you should stop laughing. When something ends, something new begins. Learning to see the end of something as an opportunity rather than a punishment would transform your experience at the moment.

Positivity expects you to get through it all and come out strong. You are strong enough to make it through.

Believe you can.

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