At any point in your story, you are free to reimagine the narrative you are living.

- Jeff Goins -


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Evolve Yourself

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Avoid Getting Trapped In Your Mind


I’m stuck in the meandering corridors of the winding maze. Illusory imaginings of unmet desires swirl around in my head. Attempts to escape backed me into the abandoned corner. Constant struggles left me deflated for it had all been in vain — invalidated.

I lament the impossibility of escaping the clutches of this dark, creeping, unappeasable shadow.

Am I losing through my own choices — staring down unseen passages, contorting all sense of directions within these towering walls?

I can rebel against the dictatorship of destiny. The walls exist not to keep me in but to remind me something else is waiting on the other side. The goal is not to find an escape route but to brave through the winding trails.

In the end, there are only two ways to narrate the rest of my story. Either I’m trapped or challenged. The outcome depends on which lens I view life through.