Words do not express thoughts very well, they always become a little different immediately after they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish. And yet it also pleases me and seems right that what is of value and wisdom to one man seems nonsense to another.

- Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha -


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Evolve Yourself

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A Glimpse Of The Absolute Truth


In the blackness of heaven’s space, the stars take to their stage upon the perfect midnight velvet. The glistening diamonds greet my eyes and lift my heart heavenward. I feel connected to those far away stars. I sense them whispering in a way the ears cannot hear, humming a song for the eyes, a magnificent display of a masterpiece carved by Divine Hands.

This is the Source of all creation, for all things emanated from It.

Oh, the unknowable Essence, the Infinite Mystery, the Truth, the All-That-Is, whom we cannot define. Languages, symbols, and icons lack adequacy, a representation of the mere construct of the finite human mind.

God is entirely eloquent, yet utterly ineffable. It’s not possible, to sum up, that which goes beyond the limited capacity of human conscious senses. The shorthand of words cannot describe the Presence that fills time and space, and while remaining invisible, unique, exists yet everywhere, stretched out in spacetime. Descriptive language remains elusive, for a complete understanding of who or what God is, requires a level of enlightenment beyond human capacity.

If we break down our views, we break away from the ultimate Oneness, the full implication of the Whole, whose attributes are reflected in all things, and at the core of every being. It is pure consciousness.

Human language fails miserably to describe the totality of an infinite, incomprehensible God of Divine Truth. Words used to the best of our ability demonstrate inaccuracy because we cannot grasp the Absolute.

When the moon graced the heavens in her dappled beauty, the pointing finger failed to communicate the exact location. Therefore, the pointer is pointless for all words, opinions, and sentiments are merely pointers. The experience is the connection.

Words confine and language binds us to the fallacies of dualism, which does little to articulate the measure of what Truth is.

We observe universes marvelously set in place, conformed to the mysterious force that our limited minds are unable to grasp. Trying to describe its beauty is like describing colors to him who is without sight from birth. Words may impress, but the concept remains hidden behind the curtain of the limitations of mental imagery.

No matter how much we attempt to elaborate our frail observation of the Presence — the tingling sensations, the goosebumps, the sudden knowing, the liquid love, the lightness in the heart; the vibrations in the body, the states of ecstasy, all we know is yet a great mystery.

The eternal song of the Divine continues to echo in the background of every existence. I yield my consciousness in a sort of beautiful surrender, thankful to be a drop in this vast ocean, ever-connected and at one with Source.

And so the Divine has Its reality within us, It is us, and we’re It. The wave cannot describe the ocean but simply become part of it. We cannot describe God but simply become part of It. As It expresses Itself through us, we experience.

Human concepts are incapable of describing God, for how can one describe the unknown? When you realize the soul of the universe is in you, you can suddenly see that which is beyond the comprehension of the human intellect — feeling It and connecting with It. Suddenly, it all seems as if it were another lifetime, and perhaps it is, for the complete and absolute truth about God is written in a book with empty pages.