The bizarre yet counterintuitive phenomenon called quantum entanglement explains that two particles can experience a shared state in the microscopic realm. These particles are not separate entities but exist as one even if they are nowhere near each other. Such connections exist in the subatomic world. Our minds are essentially transceivers, sending and receiving signals to one another through electronic frequencies. Our brainwaves affect physical reality.

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Image by Leandro De Carvalho from Pixabay 


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Quantum Entangled Hearts


The right time does not exist. I do not wait for undeniable proofs nor require startling confirmation to reach out my arms and squeeze you tight. I am drawn to you. There is no holding back for I shall live out every single wish hiding in some secret faraway place. Tell me you don’t mind and we’ll get lost along the way.

I had the feeling like I’ve known you from the beginning of time. Such ecstasy is beyond my control. I am composed of atoms, made of interacting subatomic particles. That’s the fabric of my being that existed for millions of millennia. The exploding stars echoed my existence.

Somewhere inside you are particles interacting with mine in the dance of intimacy. It’s the beginning of all mystery, yet it’s also the end of everything. For I’ve spent an eternity chasing after that part of you, which is a part of me. I either find you or I don’t, for there are no clues and no search party involvement.

Before time, we were together, interacting and moving in harmony. It’s you and me, and it’s us alone. We expand through the universe in a bizarre hot soup of quantum entanglement. We are in unison and yet remain separated. I react, respond, and answer to your vibration no matter the distance. No height or no depth could keep me from Your love.

Hidden deep inside is the answer to what we seek. As we breathe, we find our way home in each other, our arms perfectly fit around the curve of our bodies. Feet curled, skin touching, and boundaries erased. There were no questions, only answers. Through time and life-cycles, my search ended in this space of silence. Where are the points showing the ending of one phase and the beginning of another? The present looked like the future, which is the reflection of the past.

And yes, it was all a dream, filled with wonderings and doubts, but of one thing I’m certain. I am connected to you. In ways you’ve never experienced, for reasons you’ve not comprehended, for longer than you deserved. It is you, and it has always been you.

Then you said the tub is deep enough for both of us, I do not hesitate. The whirling, glowing spiral galaxy within draws me towards the synchronous whirling within you. Speak to me in quantum rhythm; hum the soft lyrics of the universe. Let us swirl and illuminate the surrounding interstellar dust.

There is so much here, yet I fear my lungs would not be deep enough to hold it all in. Our breath rose and fell while our hearts beat concurrently. We’re connected despite the infinite algorithms that separate us. The universe is you, it’s me. It’s us.

There’s no gravity to hold us down, nor to question our zeal. We were floating amidst the glistening musical notes of a serenade, emanating out of nothing, wafting in this brimless sparkling pool of space. My body embraces the beauty and power that transcends time, space, distance, and universes.

You take up much space inside me. I feet truly at home.

Just like the quantum entanglement, Our hearts sharing spatial proximity, Inseparable and undivided, Even in the large distances.
— Parul Mishra