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No One Has The Ability To Take Your Power Unless You Freely Give It Away

They did it again.

They have spoken. They expressed themselves without taking into account the effect of their words.

Their harsh words stung you like the sting of an insect. It didn’t bother them. But it left you baffled, surprise, and shocked.

Do they care that they have hurt you?

Do they realize that words can cut like a knife?

Just what is it about other people’s words that get to you? Why is it that someone can say something unpleasant and it sticks on to you like glue?

You attempt to shake it off. You continue to assure yourself that it doesn’t matter. But the truth is, it does. You cling on to the negative energy and allow it to fester. Their words echo and keep repeating over and over. You just can’t shut it out.

This is the primary reason that causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. It adds to your anxiety, leaving you frustrated and discouraged. It affects you more than you’re willing to admit.

Why do words matter so much? Why do words matter so much?

Don't give a thought to what people say. Don't let words pull you apart, don't let their words control you and take away your happiness. Be on peace, be happy.

— Vincent Charles k


Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Perhaps it’s because you’re human. As a human, you feel unloved and miserable when communication fails, when it becomes downright unhealthy.

Perhaps you care too much. You care too much about what others think and how they see you. You don’t like to be judged because it reflects the image you portray to others. You can’t help but see that as a reflection of your own self-worth. Your worth is determined by the recognition of others.

But what if they are not giving you the proper recognition? What if they are blinded by their own insecurities that make them want to suppress your worth? What if their actions are a reflection of their lack of self-worth? What if their behavior has nothing to do with you, and instead a lot to do with themselves and what they are going through?

Some people’s words are harsh. That’s just the fact. Whether it’s to you or about you, it doesn’t make any difference. The truth is, you’re hurt. You took in their seemingly meaningless words and internalize it, allowing it to hold you back from doing the things you want. You cared to the point that it affected your emotional well-being.

Let go!

Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.

— Will Smith


W.T. Ellis

Let go of that thought that is harming you and ruining your day. Let go of that thought that is controlling you. Stop listening to the voice that is mocking you, shaming you, and luring you into self-limitation. When you keep dissecting what was said, you are keeping it alive.

You don’t have to let others’ words continue to hurt you. How they behave is beyond your control. What they say, what they do, how they react is their prerogative. Let them be themselves. Quit fussing over what they said and work on you. That’s where your true power lies.

Your belief is the most powerful force you have in this world. When the outside world crashes down, your belief will hold you up, regardless. Do you know why you’re hurt? Do you know why their words control you? It’s because you don’t believe in yourself. You’d rather believe their words than your conviction. You allow their opinions and suggestions to define who you are.


You are in charge here, even though everyone else seems to have an opinion about how you should do your life. Be cautious about what you take in. Be sure to shape your identity and follow your own will. When someone comes around to judge or to criticize, shake it off. There’s no need to spin the wheels or go in circles.

Original Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

You’ll not get upset when you refuse to let others take from who you are or hinder the person you have become. It’s not always easy to deflect how words make you feel. But when you make your mental health your top priority, you will see what you are truly capable of.

No one can take your power unless you freely give it away. Don’t lose sight of yourself. It’s okay if they don’t understand you. It’s alright if they judge you wrongly. It doesn’t even matter what they say because you know yourself better than anyone else. There is no need to get upset over irrelevant things.

Learn the art of letting it go into one ear and out the other. Learn not to latch on to words that might interrupt your peace. And most of all, learn to forget quickly. Because you know deep down, you are aware of your being. Whatever people may say or do should not pull you away from your truth.

You are here to realize your true self. Be willing to embrace and love yourself fully. When you do that, no one can have the power to make you feel otherwise.

Be free to live!

You deserve hopefulness, happiness, and peace.

Maybe there’s a reason why they behave the way they do. Perhaps there might even be a flicker of truth in their words. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because you always have a choice. Either accept and take action or reject and move on.

Life is really not complicated. Being happy is not rocket science. It just requires a decision every moment to know what is important for you and to recognize that you have the power within yourself.

You don’t have to keep getting hurt. You don’t have to be affected by things and people that are out of your control. You don’t have to become a victim.

Believe that life continues to happen for you.

At the end of the day, the power is within you. Doesn’t it feel good to know you have a choice?

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