Vampire Drain

Relationships are a form of energy exchange between two people. We exchange energy with each other, either positively or negatively. These can sometimes be easily felt while other times they are manifested subtly or subconsciously. By paying attention, you can sense the energy in the presence of another person. Energy attacks happen when a negative energetic vibration is directed towards us via other people’s thoughts, feelings or emotions. Their level of energy has the ability to affect both our body and your mind in a powerful way.

In order to stay feeling our best, we need to identify who in our lives enlivens us with good energy and who are those who sap it. All of us enjoy the benefit that comes from good relationships. We relish companions that are uplifting, inspiring and motivating. They are those whose presence calls forth the best in us. We are all too familiar with that person who exists on perpetual negativity, whose presence leaves us drained. They seemed to find a problem for every solution. What can you do to alleviate that kind of negative energy?

All of us have a connection with the universe that provides us with unlimited positive, healthy energy. Negative people are blocked in their connection to this source. They are constantly in an energy deficit. This leads them to drain others off their energy in order to sustain their own vitality.

We must learn how to recognize relationships that are supportive and those that are harmful. There are people whose energy, thinking, and behaviors are positive, accepting, and all about success. Being in their company will automatically lift you and help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. When you are in the company of negative, complaining or judgmental people, you will have to work hard simply to keep from taking on or preventing their negative energy from flowing into you.

Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative. Your conscious actions in choosing the right kind of relationships can make a huge difference in your own energy level which will in turn, affect the quality of your life. Learning how to identify and respond to toxic behavior can go a long way to ensure that you preserve your energy and protect yourself from a great deal of unnecessary emotional and physical distress.

Whether these toxic relationships are with friends, family members or co-workers, they are those who consciously or unconsciously evoke emotions into others specifically to feed on triggered emotional energy. They walk around seeking opportunities to unload their problems, issues and unsolicited advice on anyone that is caught unaware.

These individuals are known as energy vampires. They greedily devour your life- energies to keep them feeling invigorated while leaving you emotionally exhausted. It is important to recognize the energy vampires in your life and develop a plan to deal with them. Refuse to be taken by surprise. It is definitely possible for you to own the moment and protect your energy from being depleted.

Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues.

– Dr. Steve Maraboli

Recognize that energy vampires only have power over you if you let them. Many people become victims of energy vampires because they are caught unprepared to deal with the situation. Since their actions and attitudes are mainly unconsciously motivated, you may not begin to notice the negative impact they have on you until you start feeling drained or having depressive spells that you realize what is happening. People who display energy vampire traits generally lack empathy, sensitivity, and emotional maturity. As a result of their own internal pain or insecurity, they prey on the vitality of others as an attempt to deal with their inner suffering. Understand that these types of people detest life in general, and most of their discontent isn’t directed at you personally. Knowing this will make you less reactive and less affected in their presence.

Whatever form they may take on, energy vampires generally have one thing in common. They are unable to create or sustain their own life force in any positive manner and so they latch on and feed off on the energy of others. That person will feed on your willingness to listen and to care for him. He may seem interested to seek advice and guidance from you, making you feel important to their well-being. They do not have the genuine intention of taking any of it seriously. They are incapable of dealing with challenges constructively. Instead, wallowing in self-pity is the way to go. More often than not, mood changes can be rapid and disorienting, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed.

Energy vampires are often charismatic. They are quick to slink out of trouble when problems arise. They are crafty, flailing from target to target and you will be left holding the guilt and possibly the blame. The after-effects of the event could spill over for days. Make a conscious effort. You can have empowered relationships on your own terms.

Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out.

– Unknown

While it’s easy to feel resentful towards energy vampires, it’s important to remember that at their core, these people have not developed the capacity to deal with their own issues yet and are often insecure. This doesn’t mean energy vampires are inherently bad people. This type of behavior usually comes from low self-worth, something we all struggle with from time to time. They are not necessarily conscious of what they are doing and may be in an emotionally unstable state through no fault of their own. What they carry is a pessimistic and self-defeatist attitude toward life.

You cannot hope to fix an energy vampire, but you certainly can reshape your expectations about them. It is understanding that you have the right to respect your own energy first, and therefore be empowered to remove yourself from these toxic situations. What it ultimately comes down to, is learning how to establish healthy boundaries within these types of relationships. You are the guardian of your own energetic space. By learning how to cope through establishing energetic boundaries, you will be able to keep your energy intact.

Affirm your self-worth. You deserve to be surrounded by positive, genuine, and caring people who inspire you to be your very best. The extent of your own emotional capacity will determine how much of this person you can take. If you are prone to emotional upsets in your own life, minimize your contact with this personality type. Work on improving your own self-confidence and be more assertive in their company.

No matter which type of energy vampire you’re dealing with, know that you are allowed to walk away. Don’t be afraid of being thought of as impolite. Take the necessary steps towards your own well-being and enhance your relationships.

Take time to explore your contribution too. Are there possibilities that the energy vampire be you? If you suspect that you may have these tendencies, take solace. You have the advantage of awareness and can nip it in the bud.

Observe your own thoughts and feelings. Be proactive and rein in your interactions with others. In the process, you’ll learn more about what you can change within yourself. You choose how you respond to your own inner compulsions and negativity.

We have the ability to clear out our own energetic field through meditation by allowing all of our thoughts and emotions to flow without getting attached. Observe them from the point of an observer and release them. Be grounded, calmed and balanced. In this state, you will feel less irritable and are more able to hear clearly from your intuition.

Take the time to work on maintaining a higher vibration so that you will not be easily sucked into the energy feed. Being around uplifting positive people and participating in healthy activities and environments will boost and energize your general well-being. Find the right balance that works for you by making sure that you spend more time with people who will add to your quality of life. You have the power to bring change, to yourself and to your environment.

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