Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade but the memories last forever.

- Unknown -


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Evolve Yourself

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Reflecting On A Forever Moment


Every once in a while, a cold gust of wind sweeps past and tousles my heart. My soul gasps for breath as vivid hued images float across. Your face comes into focus like an inviting caramel swirl upon this crisp winter day.

Memories of you stir a familiar ache of poetry. I see it in my mind’s eye: A smile that blooms like spring flowers, eyes that gleam like orbs of light. The wind dance between strands of your hair. In the corridors of my heart, I hear your contagious laughter.

Time slips past unanchored while seasons come and go. The world spins on a continuous cycle of renewal. But for you, it will always be spring. You remain the same, nestled within a perfect frame.

Time washes away everything, but nothing is ever completely forgotten. Our story lives on in that swelling moment — when the world stood still.