Hot chocolate is like a warm hug from the inside.

- Violet Sueno -


Photo by JillWellington from Pexels

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I'll Cuddle Up With You Tonight


Winter arrives with its icy song. As the north wind brings the snow, the brilliant white of wintry crystals dances in the sky above. A smile spread across my face as I remember your warmth reaching into my soul on this wintry eventide.

You play such happy chords on my heartstrings with the perfect rush, the sweet highs of joy. Jazzy waves sway in the background uniting emotions, thoughts, and body as I savor in your warmth, banishing the wintry chill. I’m swoon over your attractive dark, rich notes flowing down my throat, swirling in white milk foam.

It’s impossible to stop thinking, wanting, and craving until I have you all for myself. Brr... it’s cold outside, and nothing feels better than curling up with you under a lap blanket.

Indulging with a perfect cup of warm cocoa is quite my favorite way to spend these wintry nights.