I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.

- Albert Einstein -


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Evolve Yourself

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A Moment Of Reflection


A reflection: On a dark ashen night amid the wintry air. I look up at the sky above and observe the beauty of the most beautiful art and realize.

One day, I’ll forget how the fireworks blaze and light up the night sky. The black tranquility embraces the poetry of stars in infinite patterns. Across the blanket of soft velvet, the moon takes center stage.

I’ll not remember in this vastness of space my dreams flow freely in the absence of colors. The silent lyric of the night serenades my soul and lulls my heart in harmony with the soothing breeze. The world around me sways in the outline of black.

One day, I will recall none of these aspects, standing under the majestic constellations that watch over this tiny moment. Nothing, except whom I spend it with — perhaps the single detail I try so hard to forget.