The little things? The little moments? -- They aren't little.

- John Zabat-Zinn -


Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels


Evolve Yourself

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Let's Take Nothing For Granted


It happens in those moments of nothingness. You’re swirling in a sinister, bottomless whirlpool of the endless void. The edgeless, colorless abyss that is cold and sharp expands gradually. You feel a deep longing that is unarticulated, immeasurable, and indiscernible.

Thoughts appearing out of nowhere convey a faint glimmer of warmth. In that brief instant, they permeate and fill the hollow spaces. You try to look, but all you see is emptiness. Soon everything collapses into a vacuum where nothing exists. You feel it. You sense it.

Within that silence, there are words unuttered, emotions unacknowledged. Drifting through the interstellar space, you’re searching for something out of nothing.

Suddenly, amid the oblivion, you now understand the true meaning of everything. Never for a moment expecting that it would be taken away — the existence, the solidity, the presence.

Often, we fail to value and appreciate what we have until it’s gone.