Evolve Yourself

The moment you accept responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you gain the power to change anything in your life.

- Hal Elrod

I Decide

I decide. I decide to make healthy choices. I decide to focus on the good that is in my life right now. I decide to accept that the Universe has my back. It is true that I have not always been this way. I have not always been courageous. Life has not dealt kindly with me. It was always their fault that I was down. That I was a victim. That I was treated unfairly. I concluded that Life has dealt me a bad hand. Not true! The fact is, I am fortunate to be alive. I am thankful for this precious gift called Life. I have the same 24 hours in a day, just like everyone else. Opportunities abound for me, just as it has for everyone else. The sun shines on me everyday just as it has on everyone else, irregardless. But I was not looking. I was busy making excuses to defend myself. To explain away why things are not working out for me. Then my eyes opened. I see now. I see many things that I have taken for granted. Family, good health, freedom. There are many that are not so fortunate. For love, joy and laughter. Many are not so blessed. I know now that my life is my responsibility. Sure I will be let down and its OK. But I will have perspective. I will fall and its OK. But I will learn my lessons. People will do me wrong and its OK. I will strive to live with integrity. Because how I respond to life is not about them but it’s about me. And so today, I decide. I take ownership of my life. I make investment in me. I take time off, for Me. I do what makes me feel good. I choose to love Me. Because my life is whatever I make it, to be. I decide to make it great!